The Whangamata Marina Project

swell_map1 The red dot it the middle top of the photo opposite, depicts where surfers start their run in the channel, down the beach via the length of the arrow.

The large red circle in the middle left, is the site for the Marina.

And directly upstream from the Marina site, another red circle in the lower right corner highlights the Sewerage pond which leaks up to 30,000 litres of the raw stuff each day!

The One that Property Speculators, ( under the guise of a secret club otherwise known as the Whangamata Marina Society)  would rather that you did not hear. Over coming weeks, other files will be added to this site, so that you can judge for yourself what power, ignorance, greed and manipulation of local bodies can do at the expense of the environment.

bad-leg1 health-sign-web2

These signs (in close proximity to the proposed marina site) were removed  around 2001, yet people are still exposed to the toxic soup from the leaking waste water pond. Why?

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