The Kai Moana Beds

Kai – Food Moana – Sea. Natural food sources are considered a treasure- sacred not to be desecrated by Maori,


This grouping of property speculators known as the Whangamata Marina Society plan to carve through these shellfish beds with a rock walled Channel trampling over their customary rights and respect.

When – IF, this Marina channel goes through, local Maori and anyone else wanting to gather Kai will have to walk to this somewhat diminished bed from the North side of the Causeway, the housing development in the top right of the photo


These Godwits fly from Alaska each year to feed in this Channel, this was also not mentioned in the Environment Court. If Conservation Minister Nick Smith in 1997 had not “influenced” the Department Of Conservation to “come to an amicable agreement” with the Marina Society, then perhaps the true impact of the development would have been realised.

Where will they feed when a rock walled channel is plowed through the shell fish beds?

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