New Zealand, A Fair and Just Society?


This article outlines the course of events that led to the extermination of this one of only two remaining mainland habitats for Oligosoma moco skink. An absolutely Protected Species. The article describes how the perpetrator(s) are immune from prosecution via the hijacking of council processes and neutralising of the DoC Hauraki office.

Disturbing in itself, but perhaps more so is decision No. A 134 /2008 of the Environment Court, presided over again by the now Late John Bollard, who again found in favour of the Marina Society. This court case has been parallelled to that of Powelliphanta Snails case on the west coast in an RMA Journal, but it is a far more dangerous a decision than that.

John went to great lengths to make sure that you do not need a consent to destroy an absolutely Protected species Habitat, nor do you even need correctly requisitioned Wildlife permits….

It is often trumpeted that the original consents had been thoroughly and exhaustively tested through the courts, yet  the Late John Bollard was heavily biased to the Marina Society and his friends in BioResearches ltd (The “environmental” consultants hired by the developers) Why did Bollard grant an interim decision to change the regional plan to Marina Variations instead of declining the application outright? why did Bollard deny Angela Sheffield (the author of the hydrological baseline study that was partially modelled, and presented to the court by the marina developers) the right to give evidence? the summary of her study stated this was the worst of the three sites earmarked for a marina.

In decision No. A134 /2008 Bollard went to even greater lengths to ensure that the developers could proceed, to the extent of wilfully exterminating an Absolutely protected and rare native species habitat with an eco – toxic weed spray.

And there is no corruption in New Zealand?

These developers (A  non for profit Community group!?!) can exterminate our Taonga, they are immune from prosecution, while you and I would probably face confiscation of equipment and fines for taking a few extra Crayfish.

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